Episode 22 – Cathy Van Zyl MW Growing Cabernet in South Africa’s wine region of Stellenbosch

In this session,  I hosted Cathy Van Zyl MW, Christo Le Riche, Cellar Master at Le Riche Wines and Chairman of the Stellenbosch Cabernet Collective and Alastair Rimmer, Cellar Master at Kleine Zalze winery.

We discussed the intricate details of the Stellenbosch Vineyards. Their complex geology, topography, soils, vineyard aspects, wind influences and of course, how all that translates to the liquid in the glass!

During this session, Christo and Alastair shared some fantastic 3D maps of Stellenbosch and other South African wine region, to emphasise geology, temperature variations between the regions and much more.

Listening to the audio session is highly recommended, as ever, but I feel that following this up with watching the YouTube recordings will give you a better insight from the excellent images shared so kindly by those passionate experts.

Enjoy listening and watching and please remember to drop me a line in the comment box. It is always great to hear what you think of the show and of course,  if you have a future region or a grower you’d like to hear about in future recordings.

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