A visit to Venetsanos-Santorini

I visited Venetsanos winery in May 2019, as a guest of the General Manager, Petros Vamvakousis.

Venetsanos has a very interesting story, as winery built by the Venetsanos brothers in 1947, it was, at the time a very innovative winery. Santorini back then had no electricity, so the idea of placing a winery high up on the cliffs above the port, was to vinify the wine then pipe it down to the port, using gravity, in order for it to be shipped to the mainland.

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Santorini 2019

Santorini is a stunning island. It is obviously different to most other Greek islands because of its huge caldera and the two, very photogenic islands in the middle of that caldera. Paleo Kameni and Nea Kameni (the burnt islands). As well as the sister island of Thirasia.

The cliffs facing the caldera are the real reason people flock here to see the villages clinging the volcanic rockface in a tapestry of white and blue that is uniquely beautiful. The houses are dug into the mountainside creating spaces and alleyways that are begging to be explored.

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