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Hi, my name is Moshé Cohen and I’m a lifelong wine enthusiast based in England.

Wine has been woven into my life from early age. My father had a wine shop in Israel in the early 80’s, when wine wasn’t fashionable at all. Local wines were sweet reds and semi-sweet emerald Rieslings. However, I found the variation of the wines fascinating and I think it was this, combined with the link wines held to far off lands I hoped to visit one day that first inspired my interest in the world of wine.

In my early 20’s I spent some time living for a while in Greece. I also travelled extensively in Western and Eastern Europe in the mid 90’s opening my mind even further to a plethora of wine styles and cultures.

When I eventually settled in England, my natural choice of career was to integrate into the (hardly existing) fine wine trade. I started out working as a sales rep for a German Nahe producer.

My love of wine grew over this period. I wrote a monthly column for the Israeli Financial Times and Israel’s leading gastronomic magazine and also completed my level 2 WSET. In 1999 I took the plunge and started my own wine business. I built a portfolio of eclectic wine lovers, many of whom became good friends but after losing my mother to cancer in 2001 I embarked on a career change into the medical profession (physiotherapy) and closed my wine business down for what I thought would be for good.

However, the passion I have for wine continued to bubble especially with my travels across the globe. I am fortunate to be able to travel abroad frequently. My travels usually feature a visit to a vineyard or two and almost always involve my researching and sampling local wines during my visit.

In 2016 I furthered my passion beyond my wildest dreams and made my own wine, “Harim Ve Yam,” in Bordeaux. It’s a gorgeous 2016… but I suppose I’m bound to say so!

Wherever I go and have visited on my travels, I always notice a common theme: ‘wine people’ are generally open people, creative and happy to share their stories and passion with other enthusiasts. I am known for talking and I literally light up when I meet people and swap stories about life, love and wine!

Pre- internet, the only option to meet fellow wine lovers was to travel and talk, face to face.

I thought it would be nice to capture the essence of these ‘wine encounters’ and share them with like-minded people.

This is how this podcast was born.

So if you want to hear the conversations I have (which I have found thoroughly entertaining and inspiring) join me on my wine odyssey where I visit wineries, vineyards and wine bars, talking to wine makers, owners, sommeliers. I hope I have conveyed the full flavour of their land and passion for wine.

I also love photography, so accompanying the recordings you will find a few photos and words from the location.

The podcast is available on Spotify, i tunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud etc.

Let’s hit the wine road!

L’Haim (“To Life” in Hebrew)


In The Vineyard With