Caroline Gilby MW – The Wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova Zoom Video

Caroline Gilby MW is the world’s highest authority on Eastern European wines. In this interactive discussion, Caroline took us through the region’s turbulent past, from pre-communism wines to the exciting present day.  We heard about the major grape varieties, the complex and diverse topography ,the vineyard areas, the production levels, import/export and much more.

If you find the discussion interesting and want to learn more about the region Caroline coins as the “Exotic East” her fascinating book, The wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova, is currently available to purchase via these links:

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and if you use the following code, IVWGILBY40, you will receive a 40% discount off the listed price (valid until 30 June 2020).

The wines for our prize draws were provided by the lovely people at the specialist agencies of: Moldovan wine specialist Bulgarian wine specialist

and Romanian and Moldovan wine specialist

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