Episode13 Champagne Jacquesson

Episode13 Champagne Jacquesson

Jean Herve Chiquet from Champagne Jacquesson, talking to me about breaking out with tradition and creating the 700 Cuvee series and his remarkable single vineyard Champagne. A fantastic ambassador of his champagne brand and all good, forward thinking champagne producers.

Episode 12 Peter Liem

Award winning wine author and Champagne specialist, Peter Liem was talking to me in Epernay, in December 2019. We discussed the region’s changes in the last 20 years or so, grower champagne and the merits of the term, viticulture, site specific champagne, global warming and other sparkling wines made according to the champagne method.

Episode 11 Champagne Geoffroy

One of Champagne’s most amiable characters, Jean Baptiste Geoffroy, owner and winemaker at Champagne Geoffroy in Ay. We discussed his range of wines, field blend Champagne, biodeversity, honey, ratafia, the next generation and a few more…

Champagne in December 2019

Twilight Over The Montagne de Reims

Twilight Over The Montagne de Reims

Racing along the D3 route after a three and a half hour drive from Burgundy, I’m catching the sun setting far behind the Montagne de Reims. The big hill halfway between Epernay and Reims, famous for some of Champagne’s most prized vineyards. The sky is ablaze with red, pink, purple and blue. Outside the temperature is nearing zero and the forecast for the next three days is that it will to get colder still. Luckily for me, the sky stayed blue for most of that December week.

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Episode 9 – Southlands Valley Vineyards

Following her dream of owning her own vineyard, Sarah Lavery is in charge of Southlands valley vineyards, a 2 hectare plot of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Maunier in the picturesque village of West Chiltington, in West Sussex.

From 2016, her wine maker is Dermot Sugrue and vinification is exclusively single vineyard.

Episode 8 – Jenkyn Place Vineyards

Listen to my chat with Simon Bladon, the owner of Jenkyn Place Vineyards in Hampshire, telling his story of buying a hop farm and having the foresight to plant a vineyard consisting of the three classic Champagne varieties, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Maunier.

Simon is now producing world class sparkling wines from that classic blend, as well as a superb Blanc de Blanc 2015 (100% Chardonnay)

Episode 7 – Dermot Sugrue

Listen to my Chat with Dermot, telling me what inspired him to explore wine aged 15. His wine journey that led him from Ireland to East Anglia, through Bordeaux to Champagne and to West Sussex. How good is English Sparkling Wine and what the future might hold. It was a fascinating and full of good humour chat. Enjoy!

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